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Individual Counseling

Individual therapy provides a supportive place to explore one’s patterns, thoughts and behaviors which ultimately leads to finding greater satisfaction with life. Therapy is a collaborative process in which a safe, trusting relationship is formed between the individual and the therapist. Individual therapy is great for:

  • New and expectant parents who are dealing with pre and postpartum issues such as anxiety, depression, and OCD. 

  • Individuals dealing with life transitions such as managing a chronic illness, moving to a new place, changing careers, parenting a child with special needs or a chronic illness

  • Individuals dealing with grief and loss 

  • Individuals dealing with anxiety and or depression

Parenting Support

I have two school aged children and personally found the transition to motherhood required me to grow more than any other stage in my life. The expectations of parenthood often do not match the reality and this can cause feelings of anxiety, stress, isolation, inadequacy and loneliness. Having a place to explore those feelings without judgement is what makes working with a therapist so powerful.

Over the years I have developed a specialization in working with parents who are parenting a child during adolescence. Adolescence is a developmental stage that causes a unique emotional experience for parents. It can bring up our own adolescent pains and/or successes and this period challenges us as we watch our children begin the transition to adulthood and ultimately independence. Parents who work with a therapist during this period are able to better handle the challenges of parenting an adolescent. As well as make good parenting decisions during a time when the risks are high for their child.


I recognize the challenges that we each face as we go on the journey of parenthood and I feel privileged to work with parents as they navigate their unique path.

SPACE treatment

SPACE stands for supportive treatment for anxious childhood emotions and is a caregiver based treatment program for children and adolescents with anxiety, OCD and related challenges. More information can be found here SPACE

Teletherapy Sessions are conducted through a secure platform to ensure privacy and confidentiality. These sessions are a great resource for those who are not able to make it to the office and are especially valuable for caregivers who are not able to get childcare or who cannot easily travel. 

Walk and Talk Therapy

Walk and Talk Therapy is just like it sounds. The therapist and client have their session outside of the therapist's office. Often individuals enter therapy because they are feeling stuck in some way. The act of physically moving forward in conjunction with therapy can enhance the benefits of therapy alone. Walk and Talk Therapy also has the benefit of being outdoors in nature which can also offer some grounding and mindfulness. 

My Approach

Psychotherapy is a collaborative, non-judgemental process that helps individuals, couples and families feel more grounded and more connected to themselves and in their relationships. Therapy can provide a supportive place to explore one’s patterns, thoughts and behaviors which ultimately can lead to greater satisfaction with one’s life. People enter therapy for a variety of different reasons. For some therapy is a space to gain greater understanding of one’s self or to begin a path of personal growth. Others enter therapy because they feel stuck and are needing some support to move forward. Sometimes therapy is a place to explore life transitions such as having a baby or entering a new relationship. And other times therapy is a place to begin to elevate symptoms and gain new coping skills to manage life’s challenges. Each therapeutic relationship is unique and I will work with you to create a plan for therapy that fits your unique needs. My style is warm, nonjudgemental, and direct. Listed below are a few common reasons people work with me



Adjustment and Life Transitions

Managing a chronic illness

Partner of someone with a chronic illness

Postpartum wellness

Prenatal wellness



Grief and Loss




Parenting an adolescent


My Approach
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